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start with good foundations

Join the More You Foundations Programme: an 8 week online fitness programme specially created using Charlotte’s tried and tested methodologies to make you feel more you!

Most fitness programmes focus on making less of you; lose weight or drop a dress size, but our focus is more than that. The Foundations Programme is an online fitness programme with a difference. This programme works for:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Back pain management
  • Increasing Strength
  • Increasing Energy
  • Improving your relationship with your body and your environment
  • Helping you do more of the the stuff you love, with the people you love!

The only less this online fitness programme offers is…

  • Less pain
  • Less stress
  • Less confusion

Through the 8 week Foundations Programme, together we will overcome your challenges and enable you to become More You

– a stronger, fitter, happier you!

Get started today, contact Charlotte to chat about how you can achieve your fitness goals.  

Then it's time to level up!

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The More You Foundations programme lays strong foundations to ensure lasting sustainable results. 

The More You Level Up Programme is a 12 week course that targets your goals specifically!

  • Want to prepare for that week away hiking? no worries
  • Want to ensure you don’t need a holiday after your ski trip? Easy!
  • Want to run after the kids without needing your own time out? We’ve got this!

Move beyond feeling amazing and find physical freedom to be the you I know you can be!

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Feel MORE YOU with Charlotte (above)
Work out in the comfort of your own home

what to expect

As an online fitness programme, it is vitally important for Charlotte to keep the personal in personal training and you can expect a personalised training and nutrition plan and support throughout. The More You always keeps you and your goals at the forefront.

When you join a More You Programme you can expect:

personalised training plan

You receive a personalised plan which suits your goals and your life. To get the best results, your plan fits around work and family to ensure you can continue to enjoy doing the things you love throughout your fitness journey.

individual nutritional plan

Everybody is different, which is why no one-diet-fits all. You will receive a personalised diet plan that supports you and your goals.

weekly videocall check-ins

This is your dedicated time to discuss your plan, your progress and any adaptations that may be needed to ensure you keep working towards your goal - keeping your plan as dynamic and changeable as your life.

mobile training app

You will be able to access your training plan from the palm of you hand. You will receive ongoing communication throughout the week via the app messenger system.Suitable for both Apple & Android users.

how foundations can help you...

When we are children, our body does amazing things! Children squat repeatedly to pick things up, run around for hours without needing to catch a breath!

Then life happens….

In the More You Foundations course, we get back to basics. 

Movement is like language.

  1. You start with the letters – getting the right muscles working in the right way, like A, B, C.
  2. Then you start arranging those letters into words – developing simple movement such as squats, lunges, etc…
  3. Then you put those words into sentences – enjoying more complex activities such as running, skiing, surfing, hiking, climbing

If the alphabet is wrong, the sentences won’t make much sense.

Similarly, in movement, if your muscles aren’t doing what they should be doing, then injury can occur when doing the more advanced activities. 

The More You programme starts with ABC to build strong foundations and get you back to being More You!

In the More You Foundations online fitness course, we get back to basics. 

Who is it for?

This method has worked for:

  • The client who came to me with back pain, scared that they will need surgery, able to go on a water skiing holiday and avoid surgery.
  • The client who was able to race with her children and finally win without getting breathless.
  • The client who had been hindered by shoulder arthritis,  now able to shoulder press 14kg dumbbells, pain free

This programme is perfect for anyone who:

  • Has had a break from exercise, but would like to take action on their health!
  • Strives towards goals only to be stopped by reoccurring injury
  • Is preparing for an active holiday or ski trip and wants to avoid the phrase “if only I was fitter”

Start your fitness journey today and discover more you! 

Whilst this service is online, it was important to me to keep the 'personal' in personal training. This programme keeps you and your goals at the forefront of the plan.
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The online personal training service with one aim, to make you look and feel, more you!

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