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Pregnancy is such an amazing experience, but I know it can also be a time of anxiety, stress and confusion for many women.

Pregnancy full of a lot of  ‘cant’s’:

  • Can’t drink alcohol
  • Can’t eat brie
  • Can’t drink too much coffee
And whilst this should be a time of excitement and happiness, there is also so much confusion! There is so much conflicting information surrounding how you can keep physically active and keep both yourself and your baby safe. 
When I was pregnant I wanted to still feel like me. Still feel like a person.
  • Yes, my energy levels were low
  • Yes ,my nausea was horrible
  • Yes. my body felt heavy.
But I am still ME!
I wanted to feel like I was still me
prenatal fitness programme
Charlotte stand-up paddleboarding during her pregnancy
more you fitness mountain
Charlotte keeping active in pregnancy.

what to expect

My exercise time was my time to not be “pregnant”, to not be “mum”, not think about labour, not think about breastfeeding, not think about how many nappies I’m going to be contributing to landfill. For just a few minutes. TO BE ME!

I wanted to feel like I was still me.

During and after pregnancy you can feel like you lose so much of your identity. I want to give this back to you. I want you to be MORE YOU!

What your body is doing right now is AMAZING, and you deserve to FEEL AMAZING!

The programme includes a combination of Yoga, Pilates, Strength and Cardio to holistically support you and your child.

helping you & your body

Fitness to maintain your strength and your energy levels to support you though labour and motherhood. Reduce the risk of and manage the many aches and pains of pregnancy, and help you and your body recover post birth.

more you prenatal programme

When I was pregnant with my son I felt that many of the prenatal classes tended to forget about me, and just focus solely on the pregnancy and the baby. You end up feeling like you as a person doesn’t exist any more.
Much of my philosophy as a personal trainer is getting people feeling like them selves again. Giving you back your identity.
This programme will keep you feeling like your amazing self with:
  • Pelvic floor units – not just kegels – breathing exercises as well as education on the different purposes of each area.
  • A daily mobility unit – to help manage and prevent many of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.
  • Self paced exercise sessions- Exercise sessions you can do in your own time and at your own pace to support strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Easy to cook recipe unit – the basis for this would be quick and easy to cook whilst fatigued, but maximising on nutritional density – when I was pregnant much of the advice was recipes beyond my fatigue and nausea level! This keeps it simple!
  • Postnatal pelvic floor and mobility preparation.
  • Ongoing support from your qualified pre and postnatal coach
prenatal fitness programme
The basis of these are to empower mothers to feel more like themselves again, whilst safely managing their pregnancy.
Are you ready to set yourself up for the Best You Ever! (Because let’s face it, what you are doing right now is freaking incredible!)
more you fitness pregnancy handstand
more you fitness

The online personal training service with one aim, to make you look and feel, more you!

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