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The online personal training service with one aim, to make you look and feel more you!

When you set out to get fitter and healthier only to be stopped in your tracks by old injuries it can be both painful and stressful.  Experienced fitness instructor and personal trainer, Charlotte guides you through her tried and tested fitness programmes to become a more stronger, fitter and more happier you. 

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Hi, I’m Charlotte. 

I have been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 15 years. I am passionate about movement and having fun!

I have a background in exercise rehabilitation, yoga, pilates and parkour fitness and am passionate about helping people to keep doing the things they love with the people they love. Being able to  see people become happier, healthier versions of themselves as a result of my online fitness programmes is incredibly rewarding. 

I love hiking, surfing, skiing, cycling….but I don’t live near any mountains and I don’t live near the sea! My motivation has always been to stay fit enough to enjoy my time when I AM able to do those things and encourage other people to do the same. 

I love sharing my positivity in mind and body with my clients, enjoy life to the full and never put off something you can do today. 

I look forward to welcoming you to my online fitness programmes designed to help you become MORE YOU with less pain, stress and confusion. 

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Building the foundations to keep you on track and injury free.


Build your strength as you work through our programmes.


Getting fitter means more energy to do the things you love.


Flexibility helps avoid injury and helps you feel at your best.


Feeling fit and healthy shines through to a more confident you.

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What can we help you achieve to feel more you

Charlotte is an amazing trainer. She managed to get me on a programme using a variety of methods, which healed a long standing shoulder injury and built strength and flexibility. Couldn’t recommend more highly.
Sarah V.
foundations programme


You’ve just started a new exercise routine. You have the trainers, the t-shirt and the water bottle!
You. Are. Ready! Then a few weeks in you stop. Why?

why the mountain?

“This is a personal training programme?” I can hear you ask! “What has that got to do with mountains.” Throughout history, mountains have symbolised many many things…


It can be so confusing to know what you can and can’t do during pregnancy. The important thing is to recognise the difference between activities.

more you fitness

The online personal training service with one aim, to make you look and feel, more you!

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